More Pokemon moves?

Is there Pokemon in game that are missing either quick or charged moves?

Is there a move not in game yet you cant wait for?

Do you miss a move that used to be in game that has become a Legacy?

Name some.

I cant wait for aura sphere and i miss dragonite learning dragon breath

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Is swift in the game

Dont think so i dont remember seeing it.

Moves i want:


Fairy Wind
Water Shuriken
Smart Strike
Freeze Dry

Dragon Rush
Leaf Storm
Sheer Cold
Horn Drill
Flare Blitz

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Ouu flare blitz. Pokemon Go made me forget so many moves are available!

Oh and Fly too.

Swift is ingame. Only 14 pokemon know it and from wich 4 are deoxys forms

Some more could use it i guess. 14 a pretty small number.

Hopdfully not since the move ingame is horrible, with 21dps and two bar move…

How would you want the OHKO moves to work? I think that could be interesting

Several of those will be released when their signature pokemon comes out (Greninja, Bisharp) but I do want dragon rush.

In my mind they would be 1 charge moves (or 2 for Horn Drill), with high power (150-200) and a decent cooldown (2.5-3.5 seconds)
Not exactly OHKOs, but still powerful in Pokemon Go.

Also if youre wondering how to make Horn Drill and Guillotine different, Horn Drill would be 95 power with 2 bars and Guillotine would be 200 power with 1 bar. So you get the choice of either having more damage for one energy rotation (Guillotine), or less damage for one energy rotation but be able to attack twice (Horn Drill).

If they want Megas in game they’ll need to give Rayquaza Dragon Ascent

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More moves that may seem ‚Äúbasic‚ÄĚ but if implemented properly can bring more diversity with weather boosted moves playing a bigger part.

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