More new medals needed

Pokemon Go needs more medals:

First throw
Excellent throws
Great throws
Nice throws
Catching 500 of same spieces ( reward: Professor glasses)
Catching 1000 of same spieces (reward: professor gloves)
Catching 2000 of same spieces (reward: professor pants)
Catching 5000 of same spieces(reward: Professor’s Lab coat)

got any medal ideas? Drop them below.

This would bring in more clothing styles and if that doesnt peak your interest, When you get bronze, silver, gold medals it gives XP and A load of stardust.


Total stardust gathered/spent would be a nice stat to track.


100 IV mons caught!!!
Or at a greater than 80% range


Something with hours defending a gym, ment as an hard to earn, weeks or months work for a daily battler.
Bronze 2500 hours
Silver 25000 hours
Gold 25000 hours.

Most medals are kind of easy, so some hard medals are welcome.

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Only Arceus knows how much I’ve loved this Professor Outfit idea

Time to look professional :face_with_monocle:

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Bronze Medals should give 1,000 xp
Silver Medals should give 5,000 xp
Gold should give 10,000 xp

And when this is released the level cap should go to 45.


I know how many 100% IV ones I got. Cleffa hatch was sweet 16. I can name all 16 of them.

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On with the tracking perfect ones, how about how many 0% IV ones we got? I have two, and I’m oddly proud of that fact. I keep them! They’re my Zero Force (think sentai)

A whole new Medal above Gold, introducing:

Diamond, Platinum.

So now all previous medals you have, need you to get back to work!

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I wrote about that to Niantic in my last email.

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Answer and Make PollStats and medals poll in an other thread.