More hairstyles

My cousin kept asking me to makethis topic and friends.
Legit over a year asking me to make this…:man_shrugging:t5:
Buzz cuts

We need more hairstyles. Not to be racist but my hair not spikey or look like dbz.

I need a fade or something.

More hairstyles. My character look like it from dragonballz sometimes i even go blonde

This isn’t asking for much. Come on.

  • Yes more hairstyles
  • No

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The hairstyle now is too boring


I shave my head bald and guess what? I’m not given that option on Pokemon Go. I have a spikey blonde hairstyle. lol

Give me the “bald” option! … and how about beards and goatees??? :smiley:


i wouldnt be against it :man_shrugging:t5:


You go around as an observer? (I hope someone gets this reference)

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why be against more features? :man_facepalming:t4:

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It’s not a bad idea, probably low hanging fruit, but I’d rather have stop submissions and have the ability to toggle between sightings and nearby more.


The thing with this idea is it is so easy that they can do it. It’s just like the rest of the clothing they add. We didn’t ask for it but they gave it. celebi shirt? latios shirt? gold silver theme?

All events but we didnt need clothing for it. This here gives individuality!

Put it this way, girl characters have more options than guys in clothing department.

This is something that can be added tomorrow with ease. Yes the other stuff is more important but this is easier and should be added.

That other stuff has been asked for, for years. Kind of embarrassing if you ask me that they would say “can’t do this rn gotta implement more pokestops” then we wait 5 months just for approval or 2 stops.

This is simple, this is needed. Grab the apple Niantic!

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I agree. This would be so easy to add. The majority of games, especially ones with a community aspect, offer a lot of character customization.

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This is basic. Really saying do something else is an excuse, since they been working on that “something else” since the start of Go.

This would be the easiest update Go ever had.

I want a beard in the game so my avatar looks more like me. My son dyed his hair blue to match his avatar.