More ex gyms

Some of the ex gyms that got taken away seem to be back. I seen some of my old ones that were no longer Ex gym now return.

Have any of your Ex Gyms returned? Have some been taken a way?


Yup, one of them got the status back

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Hopefully the schedule is in order.

I think the re-tagging previous Ex-Gyms happened before the last wave of Passes went out so hopefully they didn’t screw anything else up.

2 new EX ones showed up on a tree park. Now there are 3 ex-gyms there in a little less of 500 meters. :expressionless:

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Is that a bad thing?

I have 5 within a 600m by 600m area.

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Nah it was after. Passes went out on Wednesday (here atleast) and the re-tagging was thursday.
1 gym who had its tag taken away got it back. 2 more got a new tag, including 1 in our city center park. Wich is now also the nearest EX-raid gym from my house. Like 2 minutes walking, i can see it from my home :slight_smile:

It seems Niantic rolled back the rules on how many EX-raid gyms there can be within a certain cell. I dont mind that at all.


One of the six Gyms I can see from my house was an EX Gym. Not anymore of course. And when I finally have time to go the ‚ÄėEX Raid Park‚Äô in my city, there aren‚Äôt any raids there. How am I ever supposed to get a Deoxys? :man_shrugging:t2:

And no, we are only losing EX Gyms, not getting any.

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Yes, we lost 2 of the 4 ex gyms here. The new system stinks.

Huh, thats weird. As far as i know we only gained. And theres 2 who are REALLY close together.

That’s strange i only see old EX’s turned. Even 1 new one.

One Starbucks was a ex raid gym, I did Deoxys raid there, its ex gym tag was removed not long after, now the tag is back.

New Sponsorship deal or a stuff up when the re-instated all the others.