More Bonus Rewards on Raids

What if there were bonus rewards for most Super Effective Damage dealt on a raid? It had to be something significant, so people would do their homework, like 1.5~2x the Rewards you normally get (2k dust, 6 RC, 3 TM’s and so on).
Or perhaps, the suggested team would be an incomplete one, with 2 suggested Pokemons and 4 empty slots.

Sorry, you’ve seen me whine about this on several posts, but it’s really unsettling! Kinda wish there were more incentive for doing your best on a Raid, as a solo/duo players who joins stranger’s lobbies. Seriously, I couldn’t manage to beat a Latias with less than 12 people…the world is full of Aggrons and Ttars right now!


I like it


Theres already rewards for doing the most damage. You get more balls + more items. People just dont seem to care about it.
Im not sure if more rewards would help.


Maybe if there was a pool of prizes (say 50) and the pool was split between everyone who did the raid, so the fewer people do it, the more rewards each player gets. In other words, if a duo is done, each player gets 25 items from the pool, if a trio is done, each player gets 16-17 items, or for 4 players, 12-13 each, etc.

Wouldnt that exclude lower levels though? Why would i let 2 level 27 players join when theres 3 level 40’s i could beat the raid with.
This way doing all the heavy lifting doesnt reward you with anything but it would actually punishes you for letting lower levels join.


Interesting point. Maybe the multiplier would only track the amount of times a Super Effective Charged Attack is dealt, not exactly how much damage it does. I don’t think you’d be excluding people this way, because if they just lazy through anyway, you would get more rewards. They have an option of doing their research, or sticking with whatever suggested team they get.

That’s kind of mean man

I dont like it but good idea

Thats exactly why Niantic wont do this.
(And incase it wasnt clear, that was a hypothetical scenario. No reason at the moment to exclude players so we dont.)


But at the same time I do feel you should be rewarded more for how much you contribute damage wise

Wouldn’t that encourage raiders NOT to welcome other trainers to raid with them? Since raids are meant to encourage teamwork in general I would be inclined not to support that idea.

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No because if you’re a higher level you’re going to do more damage but there have been times what are the weaker part of our group has did more damage just kind of makes you try harder

Maybe if the rewards go out evenly, but if percentage is used to spread rewards around, it wouldn’t. However it would encourage players to power up so that they can do it with fewer players in order to gain more rewards.

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Sounds like you’re agreeing, because that’s the very point I was making. Most places I go seem to enthusiastically welcome more raiders, even if they already have enough to take down the raid boss.

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This is a great idea…I know idiots who have been playing since launch and play an average of 3 to 10 hrs/day every day and they still enter lobbies with the suggested team. I tried explaining best counters to them but I don’t even bother. If I can, I try not to raid with them. They are the worst kind of players… literally wasting people’s time for their own sick… enjoyment? what should we call it?

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I don’t know there are times when we have a team of about 9 to do a five- star that we know we’re going to beat some of us will just use stupid teams just to do it my Wailord technically beat Rayquaza like that lol in some situations it’s okay but in situations that you’re talkin about is best to use the best counters for it

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Seems like the people who want to make games into sports resent those who want to play just to have fun. Sometimes the effort to become the most skillful player turns into more work than play, and a lot of people play to take a break from work – not to have a second job.

It might be a little rude of me, but I don’t know how someone enjoy a Pokemon game ignoring the core aspect of it. Type advantages. But hey, not everyone is the same, right.

The thing is, it looks like this don’t even matter on this particular Pokemon game. Why would I even bother with type advantages when I can bash through everything with a team of 6 whatever steel-rock-dragon types along 12 other random players? I makes me feel like Types are just a nuisance


You make a good point

Maybe you can choose your rewards, with a limit if up to 20 units, TM’s would take up 5 slots (because it is kinda unfair to solo a Sharpedo, which is practically T2, and get 20 charged TM’s for it) Rare Candies take up 2 slots, and all other items take up 1 slots, with it being like this:

T1: 8 Slots
T2: 12 Slots
T3: 20 Slots
T4: 24 Slots
T5: Amount of trainers, times that by 4, and you have your answer. (Ex. 10 trainers against a T5 boss, they beat it, So 10 × 4 = 40, so that’s 40 slots for each player.

Also maybe adding a disabling feature so you can disable what you get from raids (getting regular revives and hyper potions from raids annoy me so much) So you can disable getting Hyper Potions as a reward and that will be replaced with something else.