More bag Space!

Found this in news


More to come in the future too most likely.

Its a welcomed addition.

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I just now got my bag up to 900 items. Still have a long time to go before I get to 2000.

The timing is a bit off with the fighting event wich gave double items from gyms just gone… But its certainly a welcome expansion for me.

I’ve never upgraded once, always prioritized Pokemon space ahead of bag space. But I really am behind now…

It’s no use… Right now useless…
First of all Anybody tell that fellows to Increase Pokecoins more than 50 per day…Am still in 500 limit and they gave more space BUT they are telling like they gave a free upgrade to me “today when I opened the game morning”

I was expecting it to be announced with Gen IV. Well, looks like I’ll have to stop upgrading my poke storage and get back to bump my bag to max.

I’m already maxed out on Pokemon storage at 1500. I bet it will go up when Gen 4 gets released. But I still have a long way to go for 2000 item storage.

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I wish there was Infinite Item storage.


I like your idea but I guess it makes it too easy. Like you can save up everything you want.
And why? If you can save up everything, you’re not gonna use it, otherwise you don’t save up. So you have tons of items you’re not going to use.
And if you spend them, why should you have Unlimited Bag then?
And I don’t think Niantic agrees.

So: I like it how it is with the Bags. Not to cheap, not too expensive.


Happy with this but wish it was before the increased drop event.
Already bumped mine up to 1700, no more missed spun Pokestops on the GO Plus for a bit now due to running on the bag limit Redline constantly.

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I was so happy to see this on Twitter. Definitely went for it, too.

I’m maxed on Pokemon Storage so I would personally prefer to see that to 2000 but i’m glad that the bag is up as well

How can one have full Pokemon Box?!

GoPlus + Events + no good (fast) IV checker = full storage

point in case, i still need to filter through my last 100 caught Makuhita

I fully attent events, I use Go+, dont do too detailed IV checks, and I cant even hit 700 without driving home/to school with +

I have a lot of spawns in my townSmartSelectImage_2018-05-17-16-38-19

блять thats ridiculous, how many Mons do yiu keep for evolutions?

I doubt I’ll ever be able to use all 171 premium raid passes that have accumulated in my bag by now, and I can’t see a way to discard any of them. If not for the fact that they don’t count against our bag capacity, it would be worth complaining.