Missed a mewtwo raid because a spoofer banned me from Facebook

Just be civil and let people play the game and have fun, don’t make it impossible to play the game, don’t keep people out of the only facebook page in the city.


My area for the game is split in 2: the players that Spoof, and the players that don’t Spoof but don’t care about the Spoofers. The key to enjoying a game where social interaction is necessary is to have fun with whoever’s around you. Many people have multiple devices with one account per device for raids. If you can try and help others the game is enjoyable for all. Obviously there are always people that get riled up by things that really shouldn’t matter, but all you can do is ignore them or try to engage them as best as you can.
I draw the line with players deliberately making the game not fun for others to play. For example, I have a very nice friend who Spoofs occasionally and the group he was with for an EX raid refused to give him the lobby code. How does anyone get satisfaction out of that? People can be horrible, but the trick is to be better than them


I find it disturbing you feel you should defend a spoofer, and even more so that you get likes on this post. If your friend is being refused to enter an EX-lobby cause hes spoofing, he is obviously bothering people. He should stop doing it.

As for OP: If you sit at the EX-raid location and just tap the gym you can see if people are in the lobby. If theres a good number in you could try to join. This might cost you the 45 minutes the raid lasts, and if they do a closed lobby youre screwed im afraid :(.
It seems the region you play in has a very poor mentallity towards cheating (spoofing) and i guess since Niantic doesnt do anything about it, there isnt anything you can do about it either. To save yourself frustration you might have to quit the game indeed.
You could try playing Ingress, that uses location and the real world. But i doubt it will be better to play for you if spoofers are such a big problem in your area.

Spoofers are still people too.

How did you miss a mewtwo raid? You could of checked your items and saw where and when it was. That person is a total creep thought. I’m sorry, and maybe you could find a raid with people at popular are where you live. I personally have been invited to a ex raid that ways 3 hours away and didn’t go today and do not have Mewtwo. I am not part of the facebook or discord and I do my raids at a popular place in my area, the Santa Monica Pier.

Good, all those people take the time to play the game the right way. Why should they reward your cheating friend sitting in his house? If we have enough for a raid, we usually do a private lobby so spoofers can’t participate.

As for the OP, the ex pass gives you a specific time to be there, so just go. I don’t understand how being blocked from a Facebook group prevents you from doing the ex raid

And whats your point?

You still should treat them like people.

Not letting someone who spoofs play with my group is exactly how i would treat a cheater in any game. Real life or virtual.
Im not suggesting you should literally kick them away, but excluding them from the raid seems exactly the right solution for that situation. Why else would you have the option to go in private lobbys.


I’d still let them in a raid, and they can help people who don’t have enough people in that raid.

If you dont have enough people to raid you dont have an EX invite. They fixed that.

Not exactly, because if like 5-7 people do a lot of raids at eligible gyms you can get a pass.

There is (was) more to it then that.

I know, but that doesn’t mean spoofers can’t help with EX passes.

Hmm. Yes that is a possibility i didnt take into account…
In our city its not really an issue because we are with quite a large community. But i get your point for smaller communitys.