Miscode by Niantic

Now i know how Pokémon GO’s gym system works, they just zoom in on the gym while its on the map.
Then you can get bugs like this.

What is that? Wailmer?

Dragonite lol
Look in the gym

YAh that used to happen to me, First of all, i am just checking out to see what i would have missed if i get the game again.

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Just a visual glitch when a gym is a Dome, and you feed it or there are enough Pokemon to make it a tower. The game doesnt update the beaconing pokemon’s height but the gym Will update its status. so the Pokemon on top of the gym looks like it is in the tower on the Same height as it would on top of the dome.

If you go out of the gym and waar for the game to update this it Will Be fixed. (30 seconde to 2 minutes of in game loading)

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