Miscellaneous ideas(Things to do/Extras)

Seen this idea on twitter. I get extremely bored when stuck at home. No stops, no gyms. When i am not traveling an actually attempting to play. Would be nice for mini games/ extras. Ways to get a lil incentive for not having anything around. This can help out rurals aswel as trainer struck with boredom.


I wouldnt mind;
-Throwing a ball playing catch with a pokemon

  • give it puffins
  • pet pokemon
  • ride pokemon

Yes this should happen.


Makes you actually able to do something when you got nothing to do. I wouldnt mind mini games such as flying throu rings on a charizard or any flying pokemon. Thats a big step, but something around the idea of carnival games or a pet store theme environment.


Or niantic could implement in-game battle stations for training with NPC which could offer multiple rewards…

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