Mewtwo is Ultra bonus(Mewtwo MONTH)

Shiny Mewtwo?

Why does this make sense to be the Ultra. bonus reward?

Simply because it is the First Ex raid boss. It has been 2 years. Remember seeing the commercials on tv promoting go? It was dedicated to Mewtwo.

Shiny Mewtwo is in the code. But how would trainers get it, if it’s already so hard to get an ex pass.

Many trainers have Mew #151 but don’t own the previous Mewtwo #150, let alone Gen2 and Gen3 and now approaches Gen4! and with Gen 4 comes Deoxy, Darkrai, Arceus all BIG if not bigger Ex raid worthy Bosses.

Many, and i’m saying many trainers have Mewtwo already and multiples. To the point they have it down to a SCIENCE! on how to get Mewtwo.

Now with all that stated. How will Shiny Mewtwo be added. Raid makes sense, but what about our rural?

Mewtwo is too OP to be in the wild.

BUT now we have tasks, is it going to be available throu finding the task.

Or a quest? Similar to Mew and Celebi but much much much shorter. Sort of a in between tasks and research. Not needing to many pokestops spun to recieve the task but is a quest available for EVERYONE ( especially available for @KingQ07 an @Pokemon :muscle:t5:)

So do you believe it will be shiny mewtwo?

Is it going to be so easy that mewtwo loses it’s worth. Do we care if mewtwo is even easy to capture anymore…it’s Mewtwo we WANT it‼️

Drop ideas. Discuss Shiny Mewtwo.

  • Yes Shiny Mewtwo
  • Maybe
  • No
  • Whats a Mewtwo TOOO an Arceus :crazy_face:

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As long as it doesnt get Psystrike Im alright with it

As of right now literally anything is possible, so let’s wait for the announcement :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Why not, i am looking forward to that move, since you told me about it.

Well, if it wont be TMable,it would badly mess up every Mewtwo we’ve got so far

adding the move, will possibly make it Tmable. But think of it positively. The Mewtwo we get probably will be better IV+Shiny+multiples

Not to mention i already sent niantic the idea of Tmable Cday moves to Niantic. This not a Cday but should fall under the same category :face_with_monocle:

edit- i personally have rare candy stocked up atm so any Shiny is getting that high Cp off the bat, just enough is never enough :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::man_shrugging:t5::robot::crazy_face:

It would make every Mewtwo, powered up or not, worse than any Psystrike M2 you would catch
But maybe they will let us use TMs for such an important Mon, and I hope for Kyogre, Rayquaza and Groudon too

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Well if its going to be shiny Mewtwo its going to be a Mewtwo day just like we had with the 3 birds i think.

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the plot thickens!

we should have gotten Mewtwo passes this saturday, after Moltress, worst case it would be on sunday.

We got nothing! NO PASSES!
seeing we’ll know what the ultra bonus is in a few hours, i seriously think no EX passes this week mean something big!

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99% chance of actually being Mew2Day. Definitely with Shiny form.
I hadn’t thought about Psystrike…I’m packed with Rare Candies, so if it happens, I’m ready, but I’m also strongly against those exclusive moves.

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INCOMING MEWTWO. Are you readyyyyyyyyy trainers‼️

The date is set. Get your team prepared!

Oh boy, I hope I get something better than my 91%. Sure gonna use those free Passes given on Celebi Quest.

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No word about shiny yet :frowning:

Now we just need to see that Shiny pop up. I am almost 120% sure we will get shiny mewtwo.

They did it for the birds, now mewtwo here for a month!!


Can’t let all the gifts be told now, can we.

It being in the code is enough.

On the hype train already :sunglasses:

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Do i gotta edit first post…kinda lazy and im pretty sure everyone knows we GOT MEWTWO MONTH!!!


Shiny Mewtwo is on the dataminetrain​:rofl::sunglasses:

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With Mewtwo being around until Oct, we won’t have another legendary announced. Gen IV November confirmed?

Yup yes indeed. Don’t need to be told it will be during MewtwoMonth to put the puzzle together.

Wouldnt you be more excited to see it pop up on your screen than KNOW you could get it.

This like an early christmas!!