Mewtwo got nerfed - What Pokemon in future gens will get the same treatment?

There are a few Pokemon in future generations that will get a flat nerf to max cp. What ones do you guys think they will be?
The obvious ones in gen 3 are
What other ones do you think are going to get the same thing done?

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I actually think Ones like Articuno and Suicune will get buffed eventually. To be honest, I could see all the above ones nerfed but they would still all come in over 4000 regardless.

Yes suicune should not be getting outdone by vaporeons also we all know it should get water gun…

yes, as i get it, articuno and swecoon should get buffed and maybe mew and celebi might some other different attacks which they couldn’t learn in main games

Why should they have attacks they couldnt learn in the games?

Not sure about celebi but the only move Mew could learn in main series was pound. This would leave its moveset as
Possible Quick Moves

  • Pound
  • Possible Charge Moves
  • Struggle
Wouldn't be the greatest. Thus why TMs save Mew in the main series. By TM mew probably got loads of quick moves (correct me if im wrong) which allowed it to be better.

Mew could learn every single TM in the game

And no, Mew has only pound as a quick move but has like 7 different charge moves

I don’t see nerf as a long term solution of facing the new generations problems. Registeel and others have problems of low CP and overall power.

I think Niantic will introduce speed at least but they will be forced to do other changes. Abilities are almost unavoidable so I dont put it there.

Speed is already in, and Registeel is still as crap as it would be without it