Mewtwo Ex Raid Obtain Ideas?

Hey guys can u plz send me coords and ideas on how to get an ex raid I still don’t have one99D03821-554B-4BF4-8E16-118156AE50A1

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The biggest thing is to have your community coordinate to always do raids at a specific gym. Raid it as often as possible, no matter what hatches at it. Just raid, raid, and raid. In particular if it has hosted an EX raid in the past.

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There is no way to guarantee an EX raid. People in rural areas probably unfortunately won’t get a chance, so if you can get to a city that is often a good idea. Raid aa much as possible in large groups

Since you asked for coords, I assume you are spoofer
For that, just search “ex gym coords” or something on Twitter, and you should see some channels giving away coords for 5* raids on sponsored gyms

Watch the spoofer youtubers. They always drop coords.

Also try youtube "ex raid [email protected] many of youtubers post multiple locations.

Happy mewtwo hunting.

Really? youre just blatantly going to ask for coordinates?
And even more really? people just give it to you?


Whats the problem, I dont mind spoofers as long as they arent rude, both ingame and on the internet


Do it as I did: just get one out of the blue. Completely unjustified. In a gym you never raided. In a village conveniently near to yours- and catch it with the first ball. Well…guess that did not help a lot, did it :slight_smile: Still, I am happy…

More people need this mindset.


Try to raid in Sponsored areas in a rural area (not that rural). Make sure that there are a few pokestops around the area. If you can, try to find a Starbucks near a park and have a HUGE Raid group fighting the raid every single day or every other day. Hope this Helps!

Niantic seems to have changed up their formula a bit as at least locally we have been doing better recently. We raided like crazy for months without any luck, we have no sponsored gyms in my town so it was a crapshoot. Finally 8 players managed to get one on 12/25/17. When the articles rolled out on Go Hub we narrowed our focus, but with no luck. Then over 80 local trainers received one 2/10/18 and a significant number of us got another 3/9/18.
Trigger EX Passes

Seems like Niantic did good on their part of increasing EX locations and the number of people receiving.

Less people need yours…

whats mine

Im waiting, tell me whats the problem
This is Pokemon go hub, not antispoof hub
as long as you play Pokemon Go, legit or not, you are welcome here

Their discord would tell you differently.
Ive had this discussion recently in a comment section here. If you wanna read that go ahead, it will tell you all the problems i have with it.
Im not interested in another 20 comment debate. In short you have no idea what kind of an impact spoofers in PoGO or cheaters in general have on the games you play.
And stating you dont mind them being arround is a mentallity problem thats in my oppinion a big part of the issue.

(There, now i went and done it again and commented on it when i didnt want to :sweat_smile:. Ill read your response, but i wont comment again to avoid another 20 part discussion :wink:)

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Just by reading the first paragraph of that link. YOU can tell spoofers will never end it’s almost 2 years into the game and all they have done is get rid of sniping.

Either get with it or don’t. It’s not harming you, YOU know why? cause either way your Mon wont last a gym forever this isn’t how games created. So what someone has 100 iv? Almost every youtuber has alot of those.

Not getting into this. Spoofing is 90% the population. They are majority rule. Watch game die if they ever get rid of it. Niantic is smart make events where no1 can go except locals and spoofers.

YOU should be complaining on how certain countries get events and others never even got a pokestop or gym in their area.


edit- jus scrolled throu that link. LOL. Gohub says 5% cheat. IN 2016 majority that quit was spoofers. Hell majority is still spoofers it not no 5% they got that shit backwards. How they even get that number is beyond me. The same way you can’t get rid of anyone is the same reason you can’t figure out the % BUT for a fact spoofers >legit. HELL most legit players turn spoofers cause they tired of missing events. Put it this way you wouldn’t spoof if you were never legit in the first place. You mindset is “its not right and is against the rules so no you can’t do it” Listen here that mindset is what losers use and people who are caged up I will bet my shiny dragonite that you break the law in real life and dont think twice. Speeding? marijuana?cheating on loved ones?cussing authority ? list goes on since a child you broke the rules. This nothing new.

I wish more spoofers came here cause they probably got better ideas and stories than 98% legit playeds anyways.

Aslong as your a trainer ill help you and aslong as you got an idea as a trainer ill voice my part of that idea also.

Godbless you sir for you will be mad forever.

Lets just worry that we all at least get an EX Raid Pass Ok?

So what they have 100% iv, almost every youtube has alot of those? Well thats an unfair advantage. If they got them legit, thats fine because its luck of the draw. I have 3 100% iv pokemon. I don’t care if you spoof unless it negatively affects me and spoofing to 100% iv pokemon will affect me negatively one day (PVP). Its not going to stop me from playing, but it puts an asterisk on that spoofers name in my eyes. Like many people think Barry Bonds is an asterisk to baseball because he took steroids. I’m sure that spoofer wouldn’t care because they cheat anyways lol. Just my 2 cents. I’m down for discussion.

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I did. Spent a few nights looking at EX-raid possibilities in our city, organized a Telegram and Whatsapp group with the help from a friend and just raided that crap out of those locations. Made alot of people happy who never had 1 before it :slight_smile: