Mew movesets! which one would be the best?

Also,What Mew moveset do you guys want? Personally, I want Steel Wing/Shadow Ball, but I probably can’t get that thru a catch…:frowning:

SB is unavailible for Mew, sadly
I have a Shadow Claw / Dark Pulse one, but not sure if I will ever power that up

Pound / Solar Beam suppose to be a great combo.

I went with Dragon Mew Dragon Tail / Dragon Claw

Don’t really got many charge tms maybe 4 left i used 5.

That was before Mew got other options for attacking, Steel Wing outclasses pound
As does Dragon Tail, if Im not mistaken

Mew got to many moves. Impossible to use all. Unless your an extreme raider and/or saved charged TMS. We need more ways to get charged TMS.