Mew has disappeared

My cousin has completed yesterday the special quest and has gotten a Mew (I have a screenshot).

But today she looks in her Pokémon List and the mon has disappeared!!!

Any idea what has happened? She says that she don’t has deleted mon’s for some time.

Anybody knows where to ask for help? In any other mon I would have told her to catch it again, but Mew… we all know we can catch it only once.

IS it sill in the Pokédex what does it say on special reaserxh

Mew is a mythical pokemon and cant be transferred. Thats litereally what it says when you try. And when you try to mass select it it says almost the same thing.
So not sure what happened, but it cant be transerred.

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Well, I beg your pardon…

That’s what happens when you try to help without being at the side of the person which asks for help.

It seems she doesn’t know much about how the game works… she had tried to put Mew in a Gym and don’t found it in the list. But instead of looking in the normal list she told me that he had disappeared… :tired_face:

I hope it doesn’t happens again…