Mew can only be encountered once but can it be ditto

Hello everyone

I was just wondering if you can catch more than 1 mew.
If so how do you do encounter a second mew?

Can anyone help me?

Not yet

No you can’t. If you finished your special task and catch mew then it will shows see you next time.

They will probably make new Quests with Mew for the Shiny Hunters, because Shiny Mew isn’t here

Thank you
I haven’t had my Mew encounter yet but I’m scared it will run away

If you’re shadow banned, don’t try to catch him anyway. If not, it’s safer to catch him, the only thing is that it’s confirmed to transform into a Ditto, but he can’t flee (if you are not shadow banned).
Don’t ask me why Mew can be a Ditto.

Do you have proof that Mew can turn into ditto? I’ve heard that rumor but I haven’t seen anything posted about it by any reputable sources

I’ve seen some videos where Mew has been transformed into Ditto. But it can always be fake, you’re right

It might be true because in the series, it was hinted when they were trying to make mewtwo in the laboratory for Giovanni that thier failed attempts of pink lumps where actually how ditto came to exist and why it has transformation properties and can mimic moves.

When i posted that, everyone told me it was april fools, even tho it wasnt niantic.

wait, mew can transform into ditto, ditto is one of the quests to get mew, Illuminati confirmed

You just realise that it can be a ditto

No I didn’t. You’re always acting like an idiot in every post you make.

You shouldn’t have posted because this question has already been answered…

Can mew be ditto

I don’t genuinely believe Niantic would risk angering their playerbase by making Mew a Pokemon that could be Ditto

I saw a video but the person it was posted by was a spoofer

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes (shadow banned )

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Can mew Be ditto

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