Meta - Overview of Regi Trio's performance in the Pokémon Go Meta game

i know i’m talking to deaf ears but:

  • Please no Regi legendary raids for 3 months, just give 'em all at once for a month and be done with it. I’d rather raid another month of Articuno’s then boring and useless Regi’s.

I have to disagree. A month is too little time to get all three the Regi’s for some people. And Articuno is a Field Research Encounter atm. Not really needs to be a Raid Boss now either. I know, when the month is over, Articuno is already away, but still: Why do you want Articuno?

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i don’t want articuno, but i’d rather have that then 3 months of Regi’s

also, for some people a month is not even enough to get a legendary, where do you want to draw the line? If 99% of all players have at least 1, then we get the next?

I’m a hardcore raider. I want to raid. I however do not want boring and useless pokemon in raids with summer and vacation just ahead. If that means that casuals might miss one, so be it.

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At least better than not getting all 3 Regi’s within a month.

The biggest problem we will have with the Regis:

Utterly useless in attack, and cant use it as defender, so not populair for raiders. But big defence stats, so you still need a relative high number of players to defeat it…

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and above is what worries me.

Pokemon Go has it’s 2nd anniversary next month and player count is slowly dropping (can’t deny it).
I’m lucky to live in a city with a core of die hard players, but they are slowly losing interest too. If too many drop and raids become unplayable what is there left to do? Boring raids will trigger that threshhold faster.

And i’m sorry for the casuals that might miss out if they are all 3 live for a month, but guess what? I don’t care. If the hardcore group loses interest, then the casuals will miss out even more because there are no raiders…

I may sound harsh, but i really like this game and it’s needs to keep going strong.
Regi’s are not strong, they are weak excuses for legendaries. I rest my case :smile:


I hope they’ll just appear as a Field Research 7th day Encounter. Those raids are stupid.

Whats so difficult about doing 3 legendary raids in a month?
Go to a nearby town on the first day, go wait at one or two purple eggs and once people show up, add them as contacts in Discord, Hangouts, whatever
You can then have them tell you when a new raid egg pops up and if they will go

I don’t have Discord and I don’t know how it works, I never heard about Hangouts, I don’t know anybody in my town, I rarely see somebody that want to raid, and only on gyms that are a kilometer or much more away, they break out too much, etc.

But thats the thing, if you need a group, you have to do something, you wont get all the raids if you dont try
Go to raid eggs often, visit a bigger town if you have one very close
Be sure to ask them about their chats, get in them, or at least have somebody inform you in place of the chat
They cant go with 1 regi per month because nobody would want to raid that, and even casuals that dont get intk groups often wouldnt get them that way

No one each month because there are months where people are more busy like 1 only raid. Hooh becuase busy but more for others so no because 90% of people ant because legemdary are hard to catch as well remember. Anyway with community events peopl cans get 1 then not everyone has premium raid passes or the money to buys them so it should be a month each


besides the fact that every post you type is barely readable, this one makes no sense aswell even if you can read it.

Because people are busy trio’s should come 3 months? Bullshit. See my other reply, where do you draw the line? if you are busy for a month, should every legendary stick around 2 months? But what if you are sick for 2 months, should they stick around for 3 months then? Want them to stick around as long needed so that that 1 remaining noob can get one aswell? NO!

If you want a legendary, go out and play. Easy. This weekend (i expect in 14 hours from this post) we will get something new: GTFO en stalk those eggs. First weekend has the best turnout.

Raidpasses are a weakass lame excuse aswell. You know you’re gonna raid saturday? don’t raid on friday, Tada: 2 passes. if you can’t buy another one with coins you get from gyms: you don’t deserve a legendary catch because you suck at playing this game.

Don’t have time? Make time. 1 saturday for a few houirs can net you everything you want. Can’t make time, guess what?: you don’t deserve catching a legendary!!

And guess what? If i get bored with raids, you can’t do them because you lack players. You need people like me that raid as much as i do. If you can’t do 3 measly raids in 1 month you don’t deserve the catches!

Can’t catch all 3 in 1 month? wait like all others who missed the birds / beasts or whatever untill they come back or are put in quest breakthroughs. Problem solved!!

People like you piss me off. You want to be given a legendary just for loggin in the game and do nothing for it. No money for passes, no time to raid, no skill to catch so need 10 raids to catch 1, and no community to raid with. Puit some effort in it or stop crying!

Again: i’m harsh, i know, but some1 has to speak out for the people that keep PoGo alive.
Don’t cater to casuals when it comes to raiding! Catering to casuals has killed many game before!

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I actually want 3 months of Regi Raids personally. It means that I’ll have time to get into the city and catch them. However, I would prefer them as quest rewards

The problem for me is its a 3 hour trip to the nearest city and my (rural)town really doesn’t have enough players to do raids.

A lot of people have left, because the raid system made it impossible to get legendaries. Because of a lack of spawns and pokestops everyone was far too low level (some had been actively playing since 2016 and were level 25 or lower). The raids were impossible to beat and thus people who really wanted legendaries found it a disappointment. So a lot of people left, worsening the problem of unbeatable raids. Recently new transport links were added to a city so now I can get to the city within about 3 hours. It is still difficult to get there so it is only really possible once a month for about 2 to 4 hours. I missed Latios because all 4 raids I saw that day were Ho-Oh.

I am worried about the same thing happening again.

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No, one each month, because there are months where people are more busy, like only time for one raid. Ho-Oh becuase busy but more for others (my guess: didn’t get Ho-Oh, too busy) so no, because 90% of people can’t get all 3 because legendary Pokemon are hard to catch as well remember. Anyway with community events people can get 1 then but not everyone has premium raid passes or the money to buy them, so it should be a month each

Quoted from Stridey10

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If those who raid often would no longer want to raid, you wouldnt get them anyway
And for some, not even month is enough, what to do with them?


I think that what would be best would be if the raids and research rewards lined up, that way anyone who can do raids will and anyone who can’t can get it through raids can get it through the box.

A 3 hour trip is an understandable excuse to want 1 regi per month. I get that. It’s also the only excuse i’ll accept: being super rural.

Excuses for raidpasses, no time, no skill or no balls to join/search a community are not however.

that said: hard core raiders > rurals, so i still stick to my no-catering the casuals remark. They (Niantic) should help rurals get legendaries another way.