Meltan quest Xmas wish

All I want for Xmas is a day or two with fairly high spawn rates for Anorith, Kabuto, Lileep and Omanyte.

Some are surely stuck on Cubone too, I know.

Thanks a lot!


It was easier for Niantic to give us field quests that gave some of the pókemon needed. They could just change the prizes for those pókemon and help us out.

I will wish for Cubone candy


You think these Pokémon are the problem?

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They didn’t get enough for meltan quest

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Yes but Cubone is way harder for me to get. If I want I can catch a Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep and Anorith everyday. Also how about Aerodactyl?

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I knew I wouldnt get to that part of the wuest before spawns ended, so I made sure i left one stacked in my quest encounters (hatch 2 eggs)
Whats funny is that I probably did 50 of those quests with no shiny

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@Neroon hopefully Jirachi comes out, I doubt those will return.
I need all of them, they never spawn… :smirk:. But they will for the water festival!!!

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I found an anorith spawn yesterday and got 2. I fond a cubone spawn some days ago. I stacked the aerodactyl challenge weeks ago. So I now only need a few omamytes and/or kabutos.

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