Mega team type master

Has anyone powered up just one type i.e grass, water etc to have a super strong team of one kind. I know it’s not the best use of dust but I would like to do a psychic team. Any one got any example teams

My main Battle Army of T’s with Bite/Stone Edge.
Only the 100%, 98%, 96% and a 91% are maxed out possible for the game (L39.5) and their IV.
I do have another couple of 96% and 98% IV that I’m looking to join them at some stage.

I also have a Vape army with Water Gun/Hydro Pump and half an Army of Eggs with Solar Beam.
only the 96 & 98% Vapes are maxed out and only the 100% Egg. I have 2 other 100% Eggs that have Solar Beam but they are very small CP atm and would like to max them out but I have other priorities and every thing I max out costs between 200K and 300K Dust. Candy is no issue, I’ve got plenty of that.

A team of 6 hydro pump vaporeons is always good
I have a snorlax army for gengar raids (lick earthquake is op).