May’s Community Day: Larvitar?

I was thinking about May’s CD, and I came up with Larvitar, a bit simular like they did with gen 1. What do you think and why?

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Highly doubt it. And with Mareep as a pick for CD, who knows what’s next… Sunkern? Meditite? xD

Please no, i aint even trying to catch mareep at all such a let down.

Larvitar not bad. Last month woulda said charmander but now i have no hope.

I hope at least not like this😑

Wow, you wrote that when the current community day event was barely finished yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much point in speculating i think since Niantic doesnt really have a pattern here. They will announce the new one in a few days.

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My guess is squirtle, it’s a bit out there, but so far the pattern has been starter, rare, starter, rare and if they continue this I think they’d choose squirtle so they can save the fan-favorite charizard for later

I could see something like Bagon maybe?

defintly to either larvitar or some other usefull pokemon and not a joke like this, stupied sheep seriously even the top cp of amphero barly reach 2.7k i think it even lower ,give us some monsterus pokemon community day larvitar bagon or whatever with good dps and cp, and not a lame joke like what we had,and please make it at some other regions at suterday and not at sunday not all pepoles live and work by usa code or uk.


I want the Incredible Hulk machops

Larvitar Plz
Tyranitar with the exclusive move…
Idk, you tell me

Would love larvitar, could always use with more tyrantiar!! And shiny pupitar is pretty cool.