Maxing out a Gengar?

Is this one worth maxing out?
Sadly Ive missed Shadow Claw…

Also, Ive got a 14-15-15 female Feebas from an egg, is it worth too?

Judging from you dust I would say no unless you love this gengar. The milotic is used mostly for defence so those are good IVs. But i wouldnt put dust into one unless you already have a decent number of snorlax/blissey/chancy.

Ive maxed out a Zapdos last friday, Im actually doing ok at dust

Then go for it if you wish but theres still no need for a gengar atm unless you count mewtwo.

There are several stronger Pokémon than Gengar. I have a lvl 37 Gengar that I powered up before legendaries were released and I have not used it more than 5 times since. Save your dust for an executor, gyrados, Tyranitar, Dragonite, or some meta relevant legendary.

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Gengar’s best use is for having a crack at 2 manning MewTwo. Only problem is one or 2 are not really enough to get the full benefit from them. You need your first battle squad full of them and if lucky enough a 2nd team.
They’ll get destroyed quicker than other good counters but its the one that inflicts the most damage so for racing against another 2 man team of your mates Gengars are front line choice.

Apart for that one specific limited use there is no real other reason to a maxed out Gengar apart from personal satisfaction you’ve got one.

I level it up to level 35 ( 8000 Stardust) when i first try to solo Alakazam back then. It is a legacy Gengar though
I power up 2 Gengar with Legacy Shadow Claw rather than just max out 1.
Then i search for Alakazam raid with Psycho Cut Fast Move
It is a beast at soloing Psycho Cut Alakazam regardless of it Charge Move
But now, it has limited use, still good for Soloing Machamp despite doesnt have SE moves, and to bring it at a squad against Mewtwo.
I am so pleased at its performace in soloing Alakazam, i max out one of my legacy gengar

My recommendation is to power up pokemon you need. If you want to use Gengar in a raid, then i would say yes, especially with those stats. This applies to any pokemon. I was fortunate to keep 1 of my 2 Gengar pokemon with Shadow Claw. I typically max out my pokemon primarily to survive in a T3 solo raid for as long as possible and, when doing group raids, to do enough damage to earn 3 Damage premium balls. Anyway, definitely your decision. I would hold off investing stardust in Milotic, but, again, your call. There are just much better attackers out there.