Maxed Out Ditto For Level 36

This cost 100k Stardust, and got it up about 70 CP

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Really a big one, there’s not much more to find


What are the IVs on this Ditto fam?

96%. That’s what it said on PokeGenie. However, I entered the same stats on PokeAssistant and it said 100%. So let’s say that it’s in the middle at 98%

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No it’d be 100 if any one of them say 100

Either way, it’s about 2 power ups away from its absolute max now.

alright that’s good. I don’t think ditto is any good

Maybe not, but I would like to have one Mon of every type so near to his Max

This is what a fully maxed out for the game Ditto looks like.
This came from a very small CP Rat and was somewhere near 280K Star Dust to power up.


Cool! Hopefully mine should get up in the 700’s as well one day.

The trouble with the Ditto is it can only take 2-3 hits from a powerful mon and is out. I’ve taken them out at times before they even change :slight_smile:
It’s a shame though as they have some much potential if they weren’t capped so low.

I mainly powered it up because I was bored. That’s the honest reason I invested so much in it. Anyway, we have this stardust event now so I can get all the dust back again.