Max Revives and Max Potions added to Store!

The game just became pay to win if you ask me.

I’m a level 27 player so technically I haven’t unlocked max revives yet.

Can I still buy them? I would check myself but I have 0 coins :frowning:

I’m level 29 and I see them too, but don’t have enough coins either.

I’m level 39 personally so I can’t verify this either way I’m afraid :frowning:

Also a raid pass is available in the shop:

And on a level 29 trainer it shows max revives in the shop. Not sure if I can actually buy them. I don’t want to waist my precious coins on them :):

this update has made it so you have two options: Pay to win or spoof to win.

If someone actually has the time to maintain all these gyms by spoofing so be it. I don’t really see an “end” to this game except for completing the Pokedex or getting to Level 40. I’m not planning to go to Europe, Asia, South America, or Australia, and I’ve been at Level 35 for so long, I don’t see either one ever happening for me so I’m just going to enjoy it. I had fun taking down a Level 6 red gym last night and I’m about to do it again when I go out this morning. There is no way I have enough free time to maintain a bunch of gyms by feeding my Pokemon every 8 hours. I don’t even have to feed my dogs that often.

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Yeah, I’m not happy with that addition. This skews success at gyms so much in favor of people who will pay for items. Taking down a gym will just be a matter of how much money you’re willing to spend. -.-