Max Gyms Held Consecutively Limit?

Currently on 20 gyms and just getting this now when trying to add to further gyms… Is this the cap that was mooted? Happening at various gym locations… Notice the other grey gym in the background… Getting same there… I did battle it off instinct but there’s a 3rd gym just out of view and I was able to add to that but I did have a poke returned at that point so would have been on 19

I read somewhere here that 20 gyms is the limit that someone can occupy.

If you can maintain 20 gyms under this new system, you have too much time on your hands.

IMO should be 10 or 15 at same time, here we have all near gyms ocupied for same people, 80% spoofers, 20% players. What do you think?

My Gyarados is about to pass out. I have no plans to get there quick and help him. I’ll just take over the gym again if I have to, Can’t wait to get a TM for him. Twister sucks donkey balls.

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That’s funny thanks for the laugh but dt/twister might be good on defense .idk.

Correct - 20 is the upper limit.