Matchmaking for raids

pokemon go needs to implement a matchmaking system for raids. There aren’t many ppl that play pokemon go nowadays unless u live somewhere in japan, or cali. Most people like me miss out on these raid events cause there’s no one to team up with in my area, so if niantic adds a matchmaking system, It will surely benefit the players that keep playing and encourage them to stick around. We need to let niantic know that this is what we need. Because otherwise, people like me will just quit.

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No that’s so untrue plus what do you mean by matchmaking anyway. Btw I live in the Uk Andy I have a good community and am i no I don’t even have to join the discord for raids because 90% of the time they do them at hatch And I just message them if I want something else so saying only if you are in Japan or California is just so obviously not true I know people who love else where Andy in other countries who play Andy do legendary raids bit o do feel sorry for you but please put things into perspective more and don’t just say things think more

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There are quite a few tools you can use to see where groups are in or near your area;

  1. Silph Rd league map (will show you registered discord groups in your area)
  2. Discord groups
  3. Local Facebook PoGo groups (do a search for your city or larger cities near you - a good place to start to find the above & below)
  4. Facebook Messenger chats

Have a look around on the interwebs and also perhaps stop & take a look around at other people when you’re out grinding Pokémon or doing a raid and ask if they play too - see a charger cable attached to a phone & someone staring or swirling their finger for that excellent curveball, they’re probably also PoGoing.

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I’d say that there are probably more people in Japan and Cali who play PoGo then in other areas of the world. I’m not saying people in other countries don’t play, but from my observations it seems that there are more people playing in Japan and Cali. I was in Europe twice in the last two years and noticed that while there where lots of people playing it was nothing compared to the number of people in Cali

Even smaller cities in Czech goddamn Republic have communities on some sort of platforms, some of them even regularly trigger EX Raids, the part about Cali and Japan is just not true, you need to socialize first

Maybe it’s because I don’t live there but I didn’t see lots of people playing PoGo in Czech Republic when I was there. Same goes for Germany, Austria and Hungary. Not saying they don’t have communities that play and trigger EX passes, just feels like Cali has more people playing then some countries

Yes, they have more players, but what I mean is that even small towns have communities for raids
When I started playing, we had a group of like 6 people, now we have over 20, and thats just a small part of the capital
The smaller cities nearby have Watsapp groups, as does anything that isnt a village

Oh for sure, I’ve been to many states where small towns have great PoGo communities

You guys that are saying things like “o just look for a group on silph” or whatever it is. If niantic is forcing ppl to look on the internet just to find a group for raids, just call it a day. If this keeps up, there aren’t gonna be any players left lmao. Its gonna feel like your on craigslist looking for some hookers and not to mention the risk of privacy and security when your doing this. It just puts you in a vulnerable situation which I know many ppl will agree upon. Now I can see why ppl spoof.

What a lame excuse to spoof
Seriously, the game is about going outside and being social
If you dont want to do either of those, why bother

Niantic isnt forcing you to do a damn thing, they give you challenge amd set the terms, its a great game, if you want something use your head, and its not like Niantic wont give it away for free to basically everyone after some short time anyway. Population of the area I live/play/work is just around 50k but we have over a 100 registered (whatsapp members) players and by the looks of gyms there are a ton more out there that for some reason chose not to be a part of our community. That being said what you will get from this game depends how motyvated you are and how far you are willing to go. To gain new experience most of times you have to leave your comfort zone, dog. Peace

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