Masterball Research

I think that’s a better way to put priorities…

In cases as this hundo, wait until having only one ball, and use the Masterball.

Apart that I’m waiting the day that Niansh… publish that a new Pokémon (something like Arceus) can only be caught with Masterball, and a curved excellent throw.

One of the family accts had exactly that scenario.
100% Legendary. 18 balls. 17 Balls used mostly curved excellent throws with Gold Razz yet it continually broke out so a Master Ball was used on the last throw.

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I’ve used all three of mine.

I found having them in my bag quite stressful - I was always worried I would use one by accident on a random trashemon.

On the plus side, I now have a full complement of fancy Galarian birdos.

*just a side note - when the CP of a legendary pops up after completing a Raid I don’t have a clue whether it’s bad, indifferent, good or perfect - it’s just not something I can be bothered to learn. :man_shrugging:t2:


Quick question.

How can you tell it’s perfect? Cp?

Yes. Raid encounters have set levels so if you know what the maximum CP is for that specific level then it is guaranteed to be a Hundo if you encounter that CP.

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They post up the charts for all Pokemon when on rotation.


Doing remote raids through Poke Genie has a convenient reference for each of the raid bosses that are in play at the time.

But, of course, most of the relevant info about every mon can be easily looked up on GO Hub’s own online database.