Make the raid battles available for all


  1. We all know how current Raids works - let’s call it challenge raid - let’s keep them without any changes as they are now.

  2. Introduce new mode - let’s call it trainer raid - it would be based on current one but with some changes:
    a - time battle limit expanded from 3 min to 60 min
    b - no waiting time in lobby
    c - open for new joiners - anyone can join the fight in any moment
    d - when boss is defeated then it can be catch as standard wild pokemon - which means any IV (0-0-0 to 15-15-15), any lvl (0-user lvl) and normal shiny rate( 1:700)

  3. Each raid by default starts as challenge raid. But if no one claims it - it become downgraded to trainer raid after 30 min (this is default time - see next point).

  4. Based on the gym popularity (number of successful challenge raids of the same tier within last two weeks) default 30 min time will be automatically changed and can end up as
    a - 5 min - if there weren’t any successful challenge raids within last two weeks
    b - 55 min - if all the same tier challenge raids have been completed within last two weeks

  5. Add global/regional ranking: Boss Type / Players in Party / Time Spent


  1. Allow single players to be able to win the raid while they will come prepared. Currently only part of Lvl3 raids are possible to do solo.
  2. Help to build new communities where there are no one at the moment. It is hard to agree who and when to meet. But if you can see that a battle started not far from where you are and is is still going on - you could decide to go out and join. Maybe making new friend there?
  3. Restore the challenge to raids - taken over by routine
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Kills the challenge, giving legendaries through breakthroughs and stuff like that is much better imo, they just need a better integration here


I believe you referring to something which has been lost long time ago :wink:
For solo players - it never existed. Doing tier 4/5 raids is completely abstract .
For multi players - they all have their teems and I imagine it is something like this: “guys I have only 30 min - so let’s go, do those 5 raids quickly because I have tons of other things to do
Is it really definition of the challenge?..

But if you miss it - I added point 4 :smile:

At least for private raids, where the people in the private group’s determination that nobody else will join is not going to be used to bully other players (who don’t have the private raid’s code to begin with). Public lobby should probably remain open for other public entries until the two-minute timer expires.

Point 2 is related to point 3 - if 3 would be implemented waiting in lobby is obsolete

You completely remove the challenge of raids and incentive to build a team of strong Pokemon if you remove the timer. I appreciate the plight of players in areas with fewer active trainers but your proposal seems game breaking and goes completely against Niantic’s goal of cooperative community play.

All tier 3 raids can be soloed most tier 4 bosses can be done by two with good counters and friendship bonus and several of the tier 5 bosses can be handled easily with 2 with good counters as well. It doesn’t take a huge group to do raids, Mrs. Thorend and I can typically get as many raids as we would like together although we often join our friends as we appreciate the social aspects that would be lost if raid time limits were removed.

@Necrozmadabest nailed with his observation about better alternatives for legendaries, maybe a system of tasks that could be completed in 2-3 days so trainers would have more chances to catch legendaries or daily tasks that give premier balls for the encounter.


I think it’s fine the way it is right now. Niantic has shown us that you’ll be able to get Raid exclusives without even doing a single Raid later on. For example, Absol and Mawile are in the wild right now, and Latias was in the Breakthrough Box last month, as well as Latios, Kyogre and Groudon. Mawile and Absol can now also hatch from 10km Eggs. So I think it’s fine.

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Point 3 didn’t really register the first time I read this. I strongly hope they don’t implement that. If we hate spoofers jumping into our lobbies just before the raid starts, how much worse would it be if spoofers and moochers jumped into the raids after all the work was done?


And why do we hate them currently?..
Maybe I am just not aware about some hidden mechanics but this sounds like “go away from this pokestop! it is MINE lure module! come back in 30 min and put yours!”…
How this other guy catching pokemons at “your” pokestop or joining “your” raid actually affect your play?
Let’s say you are fighting Raid boss for 20min alone and at the end 20 spoofers join the battle.
Do you really care?
You still get the satisfaction of defeating the boss, you still have a chance to catch it. You got exactly what you wanted.

“the way it is now” cut out part of the game from group of players - this is simply not fair and very frustrating. What’s even more frustrating is watching the radar on Wednesday raid hour:
17:55 - 13 raids tier 5 starts in 5 min
18:05 - 13 raids tier 5 ends in 55 min
18:55 - 13 raids tier 5 ends in 5 min
19:00 - no raids tier 5 around
I am just trying to find the way to resurrect part of the game which is almost dead now…

To build competitive spirit I added point 4 - so you could see your name on the board listed as the fastest in country/region/world who defeated specific boss with party of specific number of players.
With Lvl3 raids… I am getting there… Machamp is 50/50 now. In most cases when I loose is not because all my poks are down - but because they were not fast enough to take down the boss.
Bosses above CP20k… I cannot see how they could be managed alone in 3min… but we will see.

It may take some time but you’re in fact not missing out on anything because all Legendaries will be in the Breaktrough Box later on. I never do Lunch Hour Raids and usually also even forget them.

I do get your points that you really want to be able to do Raids, but I just want to point out that in fact you’re not missing out on anything. Only it’ll take some more time. (I myself can’t Raid often too, btw. And yes, don’t get me wrong, I’d like to do some more Raids, too, but if Niantic doesn’t do anything I can’t care much, tbh.)

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Almost dead for you, perhaps. It’s thriving around here, except for a lull this Deoxys week (and even that is quite active, even if not nearly as much as Rayquaza month). Totally restructuring raids is not called for.


Yeah, all we can do is moan and complain here :smile:
Hoping that maybe some ultra bored PR guy from Niantic will wonder here… :wink:

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To see that I do hear your comments I modified the idea - see initial post.
From one side the modification is small - but from another - it still serves all players - not only benefits active areas like currently.
Hope you will like this version :slight_smile:

Yeah, shiny mewtwo week will be crazy, where I live, our group will go from our usual 60+ people to over hundred for raid hour, so definitely not dead