Make Pokémon go great again!

Here are just a few random ideas that would be really cool if they would actually be in the game!

PVP: I’ve seen this one a lot. To battle your friends or just trainers (local and global) from home.

trading: In one of the first commercials for Pokémon go you could see that a few peeps where trading Pokémon’s. More then one year later and this still isn’t in the game…

a working notification system:
Just… please!

Pokémon go map: So y’all know Snapchatmap? Well, what if Pokémon go had something like that?

Chat with your team in the app:
I’m still searching for a good Pokémon go chat app… I heard rumors that Niantic is actually planning to add this in the game…

Weather: For example, if it’s raining you will see this on Pokémon go and some Pokémons will only appear in certain weather.

taking care of your Pokémon: Feeding them,etc…

More customizations for your avatar:
More clothes and accessories and maybe sometimes some special items. It would also be cool if you could make your avatar your age (kid,teen,young adult,adult,…)

That’s all I had to say!
Btw sorry for my bad English xD


What? Are you saying your English is poor? Not really. You article is well written. If I make a comparison between your article and mine, I think yours are better. (I come from Hong Kong so probably my English is even worse) Good try @Pinguinetje


We already have multiple threads addressing the topic. Feel free to repost this in one of the existing threads