Major crashing on new IOS update

After updating my app about an hour ago my app has crashed:

  1. When attempting to open the app (reinstalled and issue was fixed)

  2. When logging in (app restart fixed issue)

  3. When interacting with a gym (restart solved issue)

  4. When clicking on friends menu (restarting didn’t help)

Anyone else having issues?

I had that issue as well. I also reinstalled the app and it works fine now. Haven’t seen any of the other bugs yet.

It looks like this new update with Unity (the thing that changed pokémon colour with this update) has put a massive strain on the phone when trying to use it

Edit: No it isn’t, it’s this new notification system that pops up on the top of your screen, whenever i get one and then try and do anything in the game it will crash

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I would say that this could be a fight with … cache? If the images are stored there, but the app searches for another version of this images, could leave to crashes.

I almost cant play game cus of issues
I fixed the reinstall issue tho

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Seems to be an IOS related issue. Didnt hear any problems on Android.

Ive seen android ppl havong issues

The problem is related with the cache images and data.
After installing an update, ALWAYS clean the cache of the app (and, when you can access a WIFI network, reset all data from the app, its about 200mb), before opening it (It´s just like it happens on reinstall). Only had that problem once… after starting to clean it before open a new version, didn´t had troubles.
And check the settings. On some updates the battery saver checkmark and the notifications are active, even that you had them removed… it´s not imediatly they stop showing up. The friends can take 48 hours to stop.

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Reinstalling removed my battle parties :rage:

Update? Didn’t see a nieuw article on the hub about it. What version is it?

I’m on IOS and can’t even load up the app before it crashes so haven’t been able to play at all today, I’ll try reinstalling

@JoshHack , every single time I open the game I have to log out, close and reopen my app, and log back in. This can take from 2- 6 minutes. It was not from this update, I have had it since June.

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I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app twice and it is still crashing before it loads. I hope this gets fixed soon

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The one with the friendship improvements. IOS was about a week later with this one for some reason.

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115.3 that is. Strange bug though.


Oh okj, I was under the impression they kept the versionnumbers the same. My bad.

No worries, that’s just what my app store says

Mine too.

:man_facepalming:t2:Because I had to reinstall the game, I have to update it again. Not going to do this as the same problem will probably happen.

Edit: Nevermind, it’s 1.85.5.

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