Major account ban wave

It appears that with the release of quests Came a new, massive ban wave from Niantic. This wave has affected people from all across the world, mainly Spoofers (as you would expect), but also some random players that have done nothing wrong. My question is, how are Niantic all of a sudden getting this information and unleashing a ban wave of this magnitude?

Its not all of sudden, they simply dont ban spoofers immediately and instead they wait for waves like this

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Shadow ban only stops a player from catching cetain pokemons? Main problem in my area are spoofers doing gym battle and taking control of area gyms and gaining pokexoins and gymbadges in the process. That is fraud in my book! Stealing other players poke coins! Any idea why this major problem is not adressed in shadow banning??

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Because Niantic is going to lose loads of money otherwise.

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lol, no. Niantic already earns nothing from spoofers who grab their daily 50 coins without trouble. Niantic looses more from legit players who quit playing out of frustration over spoofers constantly kicking them out of their gyms from the convenience of their couch.


@BowmoreZuiperd @Jormdeworm
I like how these 2 arguments for and against keep popping up literally everytime someone mentions something about spoofers costing/giving Niantic money.

The only fact here is that you dont know what benefits Niantic the most cause they dont share their sales numbers, even IF you were able to see the seperate numbers spoofers and non spoofers throw at Niantic.

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I definitely think Niantic will lose lots of money, but I also understand @BowmoreZuiperd’s opinion. If Niantic ban all the spoofers, they less players will go to gyms and Niantic loses money with the PokéCoins. And there are loads people who still play without spoofing, so I don’t get that point @BowmoreZuiperd. I just think that’s the reason.

To me it’s a question and I let it stay as a question.

How about suggesting to Niantic that spoofers get banned from gym battles,and gym defense but let them catch any pokemon instead?