Magmar in Raids - Shiny Encounter is Very Necessary

I Understood Niantic is Seeing my posts and It’s the Best place for my Requests More than Emailing them from in game :heart_eyes:
Now magmar in Raids am Hoping we encounter Shiny from raids It’s very necessary :sob: (Now Nobody cannot oppose it as it’s Reasonable Request)

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Well they can’t just give it away…

What do you think they should do about it besides giving it away??

Pls give magmar Shiny from Raids …:confused:

Magmar from raids cannot be shiny. I don’t quite understand why. It’s the same for wild pokemon.


Yesterday, a hot day (37 celsius) the fire pókemons where everywhere… got some magmars, some slugma, some camerupt, a few charmanders and 1 cyndaquil. None of the magmar where good. None of slugma. None Camerupt. 1 charmander was not bad but, the Cynda was the weakest one i found in the day. :frowning:

I want Perfect Reason from Niantic why they can’t add shiny Magmar in Raids😫
I want some response

You could always email them!:blush:

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Thank you…And waiting for someone to say it :hugs:

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