Magikarp farming

Hello all,

How do you guys farm easier a magikarp?
it’s during the rain or close to river? I did that to make easier and did not work.

The only solution I found was walk as a buddy and get 1 candy per KM.

I’m afraid the quests expire and I lose all the effort,


As I already stated somewhere on the forum, here are options to get Magikarp Candy (I understand you want to evolve a Magikarp for Mew Quest?).

Forgot about this one though:

  • Go outside during Rainy Weather, because Magikarp is Weather Boosted then and spawns more frequently.

Also Magikarp is more common at places with a lot of water (for example, at a beach).

Hope it helps, @islavinia.

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It will.
I do everything I can and possible.
Walk should be the best option once it’s 1KM per candy.
Let’s see I really want a mew :slight_smile:

Magikarp is god tier rarity for me
I get my only ones from events/raids

I get magikarp in 2 ways:

  1. Wait until it’s rainy weather and then hunt for them

  2. Go to a nest/ water biome. I live in a water biome relatively close to water sources so for me Magikarp is never rare, it’s quite common

Sadly I’m with you all. I joined late playing the game (only 6 months playtime) and am stuck on the magic carp quest… none spawn in my area even with weather boost (rain) right now it’s all Merrill’s, and woopers. Magic carp are no longer appearing in gyms either (for raids) I have been trying to keep track of every raid within 15miles of my house and nada. Even raided an absol and got a shiny. No more magic carps. Seems I am doomed to have as pet for forever until I can walk/earn all the candies. :confused:

As Jormdeworm said.
I believe save the rare candy and walk will be the best option.
For now we will not see magirkap because the Celebi’s event, they are spawn.
Save your tickets for Magikarp raid for the future, as soon as Celebi ends I hope the normal pokemon will return with magikarp as well. Save your pineco! Nothing to do.