Magby in Wild very soon and shiny too!

Here’s the proof


No way!

Don’t be too hyped. We all know Niantic…

:thinking: Maybe that Gen4 event is actually happening sooner than we thought


Honestly this could be it, but we don’t know for sure.

I think the dear Bailey just meant ‘eggs’ instead of ‘wild’.

OR: Magby could appear in the wild during Gen4 event!
That would perfectly fit.


Oh, there’s my ticket to the hype train. Thanks

this is the most pathetic post ive seen the only way to get magby is by hatching eggs

thts if there is a gen 4 event nothing has been confiremed

Seems legit

nothing has been confirmed yet so right now its just a rumor

I never said it will happen, I said ‘or’.

And because Magmortar evolves from Magmar which evolves from Magby it seems very obviously this will happen.

I hatched one 7/20 y’all

Maybe for Togepi too.

Anyone hatch one since event? I got Togepi

Shiny magmortar should gen 4 drops

We are waiting for @Necrozmadabest to come into Pokemon go, along with other @Pokemon

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