Lvl40 how do people do it?

How do people ever get to lvl40. Even by grinding every day and being an urban and always having a lucky egg on it will tale years! So how are people lvl 40?

You know the answer sadly.

  • mass catching
  • mass evolving
  • raiding! i have weekends where i easily do 10-15 raids. Combine that with a lucky egg and you’ll see the xp coming in.
  • double XP event. People go all out during these events. Even right now there is double Gym xp, meaning a level 5 raid with lucky egg gives 40k xp, nuff said :smile:

all the above are hard for rurals, hence your view on this.
Small example: i play roughly 2 to 3 hours a day. In that time i can easily catch up to a 100 pokemon, do gyms, and raid. See how much XP that gives me on a daily basis?

WEEKENDS WHERE YOU EASILY DO 10-15 RAIDS?! That’s not even what I do in a month :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I’m blessed with a raiding comminuty in my city. I’m also not affraid to spend money to buy passes so my threshhold for doing a raid is pretty low.
Athough Latios is seriously dropping our raid turnup, i’m still at 41 latios done wih 5 days remaining before we get latios. Additionally we have 2 new gyms (including an EX gym) in our city where every1 does every raid they can (we are pretty competative for getting gyms gold). I also had a special project where i wanted to get a gym at gold just by raiding (competed last weekend) so every raid i could i just did there.
Now with the gym event going on i’ll do every raid on every gym that is not gold :blush:

Thats what i do in a season
I only did 60 raids in total

I did 65 in total

i’m nowhere near something special when it comes to these numbers but they are a huge part of why i’m TL40:

  • 409 legendary raids
  • 201 normal raids
  • 34k caught pokemon
  • 4600 evolutions x 1000 xp (lucky egg) is almost enough xp for getting from TL39 to TL40, which requires 5 million xp. Think about it, i did 23% of TL40 just by evolving…

Again, this is not me trying to show off, this is explaining how people get TL40 :blush:


4600 evolutions…
Thats a little bit lower than my number of pokemon caught

I’m 250k XP away

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That’s the difference. I was level 36 when raiding started and hit 40 in November due to the 100’s of legendary raids. I primarily used lucky eggs for mass evolving or if there are 2 raids I can do in 30 minutes. I catch everything I see,but 10k or more for events up to 40k per raid you can rack up the xp fast. So to answer your question Tier 5 raids are the fastest way.

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I did a lot of mass evolving with lucky eggs and made sure I was out there raiding at every raid I could do when it was Double XP every time it was Double XP I would get 10 or 15 raids in I went from level 39 to 40 in less than a month which was amazing and most of that was Double XP raids

The people I usually do raids with do way more raids than me. I only use the free passes I get each day and can only raid on my days off because of my work schedule. Now I do gym battles on my way to work and back home. I also rotate between my account and my 2 kids’ accounts so they get in gyms and 50 coins each day. For example, I just got Mew on Thursday and my son got him yesterday (he had to do the excellent curve and catch him in AR because I’m that unskilled) We still need to do excellent Curve and finish 50 Pokemon w/ berry for his sister. But I’ve been playing since July of '16 and I’m only Level 38 about halfway to Level 39. Been level 38 for like 4 months. My daughter is Level 33 about to be 34 and she started July of last year. My son started Christmas when he got his own phone and he is Level 32 now. I don’t expect to see Level 40 before next year.

It is a lot easier to get to level 40 now than it was 6 months ago.
Double and even triple XP events come around more often than the once maybe twice a year tops before.

The way to get there quickly is Raiding T5’s with Lucky Eggs on. 5x T’s with Lucky Egg is straight up 100K XP. Do this during a double XP event and you’ve got 200K easy.
Lots of Lure module time with Lucky Egg on
Mass evolving with Lucky Egg on
Go Plus catching while on the move with a lucky Egg with rack it up too.

The common thing here is play lots with Lucky Eggs running :grin:

It took me around 11 months to get to Level 40 and at a guess I’ll have the total XP required to L40 a second time in another 2 months making it 8 months to do again. The Raiding is the only big difference this time around as I don’t spam evolve and I only use the Lucky Eggs I get when buying the Gift Boxes for the Raid Passes to get my Bag space back.

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