Luvdisc available?

Has anyone yet seen luvdisc? Seems pretty rare. It’s the only one I haven’t seen proof of availability of.

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On the map of Prague I saw multiple, and already got myself one and saw another on nearby

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Got one hatched from an egg today

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Me too, was hoping for something even remotely useful

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I got one in hong kong,hong kong, hong kong :joy::joy:


My friend I’m a HongKonger.

So clearly it’s not a regional…

Saw one nearby yesterday. But the sucker was on a cluster spawn thats on someone’s yard…so couldn’t get it unfortunately.

Was seeing roughly one of these every hour on the Map last night while sitting on Lures. Made sure I chased and caught one before I went home.

I’e seen several in the Long Island, NY area. That and the Carvanha and the thin blue one bo-something.

I’ve hatched 2. Haven’t seen one in the wild yet.

Not so rare in Austria…