Lure Module mechanism

So couple days earlier i searched pokego maps and found a mall near my place that have this abundance of pokestops just a few steps next to each other.I am wondering will i get more pokemon if i used bunch of lure modules on the Pokestop crowd or it will have the same effect as using single lure module?


Just put the modules on the pokestop crowd

Each lure will spawn a mon every couple of minutes so put lures on all the pokéstops in the area you’re talking about, make sure you have enough pokéballs & space in your storage and enjoy!!!

If you don’t have a park nearby, then that might also be your ideal location for the Community event next week.
Also worth investigating: check whether there’s a park nearby (like, less than a 5 minute walk away), ideally one that hosted an EX-raid (since there hasn’t been too much investigation on the zoning during the community events, so for a park that hosted an EX-raid, you’re more or less guaranteed that it’s suitable), and go there during the community event: all those nearby pokestops mean you’ll have a constant resupply of pokeballs.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! :smiley:

How do I use a lure Ive tried but it always says I cant us this Item here?

Tap on the oval on the Pokestop and press on the Lure Module

They need to Lure Gyms too

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Tap on this part of the pokéstop then select a lure module. Make sure you are close enough to spin the pokéstop or it won’t let you place the lure module.

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