Lunatone Location

I got S IV Solrock 1800cp and Can anybody tell where’s the Lunatone Location

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Whats that?
Also Lunatone seems to spawn in the same places as Minun and Zangoose

Which leads me to believe that maybe they’ll all migrate sometime in the future

You dont happen to use IV GO do you?

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I use IV GO app…so?

S IV is not something that exsists. Its just a classification system IV GO uses. SSS was 100% i think, no idea what S was exactly but its ok. The exact IV ranges from 0% to 100%. Use Calcy IV for android or Pokegenie for IOS for a more exact IV.

1: If you ever log in to IV GO with your pokemon credentials, stop doing it. It might give you shadow bans (unable to see/catch certain pokemon) and may even lead to an entire ban of your account.
2: Solrock and Lunatone are expected to switch locations at some point in the future, just like Seviper and Zangoose did. Have a little patience, he will come to you.

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Its in europe

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