Lugia Return to Raid Battles: Shiny Lugia?

Lugia is returning to Pokemon GO, with a stronger “Sky Attack” than before.

But will we get Shiny Lugia?
Lugia catch Rate is 2% (was before atleast)

Will it be in raids from tomorrow or from 17? some sites say 17 bit i hope tomorrow


i’m in italy, i hope it’s the same for us :slight_smile:

Usually for us in the UK we get it new raid Pokemon the day after Niantic says because they get released at 9pm our time

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And the answer: Yes.

Shiny Lugia has been caught by someone on my local Discord

Lugia mad hard…7-9 people i aint doing no 4 or 5s again.

Yes, Shiny Lugia is here. I have recently have caught a Shiny Lugia. Did you know that if you get a Shiny Lugia in the raid, you’ll catch the Shiny 100% Guaranteed. No joke!!! Keep searching. :):sunglasses:


Well, unless you miss all of your throws…

Yes, so far everybody Ive seen claims to have caught it on the first ball, maybe they just didnt want people to complain if it flees

i have seen. Thats pretty nice of Niantic. Should increase chance of seeing Shiny

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Shiny Lugia’s every where in my area today. Lots of players getting multiples. I only did 2 Lugia today which is poor by my standard for weekend play. No Shiny but did get a weather boosted 98%. First windy day all day we’ve since weather was included in the game.

No-one on the Discord group got one (as of yet), but I did snag a 89% weather boosted Lugia so that was nice.

One tip for lugia, DONT WAIT UNTIL IT ATTACKS!!
Due to how its attack animation works, you will be happy if you land a nice this way
Instead, wait until its down, and then just spin it and throw it when it can be excellent
Sure, there’s a slight chance it will attack (barely ever did that to me tho) but you will at least have almost guaranteed excellents/greats if it doesnt

9 Lugia Raids today all weather boosted.
One of the kids has one, the wife’s got one and I got the best one :grinning:.

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What wheather boosts Lugia?

Windy weather