Lucky Pokemon

If I have ten lucky pokemon, and transfer a lucky I do not want, can I use the 2016 trick to do the guaranteed lucky, or is it once you hit 10 luckies, you can never do that trick again.


I’m very sure that it’s lifetime, not what you currently possess. Now, trading Pokemon from that time period will still have a very high chance of being Lucky, but no longer guaranteed after the first 10 Lucky Pokemon.


If you already have acquired 10 Guaranteed Lucky Pokemons because of the JUL-AUG2016 Pokemon Trades, then you already used it up and no longer a guaranteed lucky trade will happen BUT continues trading specially with older Pokemons will still give you a high chance of getting a lucky one.

I have traded some pokemons from SEP to DEC 2016 and still got some lucky’s with them, I even got 2 Lucky Pokemons in a row from one friend so both of us are thrilled.

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