Lucky Pokémon Rates Nov 2018

Got some new lucky mons. I have noticed that the lucky rate seems to have been nerfed somewhat. It is taking a lot more trades to get them now.


It’s hit and miss. Two nights ago I did 60 trades without a lucky, and last night I did at least 75 and got 5 lucky Pokémon.

Overall I agree the rate over the course of this week does seem lower than before but I want to see more data. Maybe a researchers unite topic :thinking:


Wow.These IV’s are so high.

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Yep - true luck of the draw on them also. There have however been quite a few not so good luckies that have been sent to the Professor… :confused:


“A lot more trades”?!? I never got one before, so I doubt I’ll see any now. (No big deal, though, as long as I keep finding shinies…)


How many trades have you done?
Honestly just trade an old pokemon :wink:
Anything from August 2016? July?

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To answer your question, I have only one viable trade partner, and we’ve made just 3 trades so far.

The low odds (and debatable value) of getting a Lucky seems to be less than the possible payoff. So it’s something I’m resigned to treat as a luxury – for people who have more time to spend playing and coordinating with other players.

:joy: I have gotten my luckies during community day
(@Mew1) and we did like 30 trades.

But yes, if you have one viable person you should make your trade as old as possible.


Thanks @Pokemon. Taking your cue I just traded the oldest thing in my bag. Didn’t get a lucky, but I’m happy to see it improved a lackluster IV (from 62 to 81). Guess I should read up on other possible ways to improve the odds of getting a lucky before trying it again…

Only real way to increase the chance or guarantee it is to trade old Pokémon from 2016 (those within the window specified). A strategy some trainers in my area use is to trade with people that have them (older mons) & trade one old vs one new legendary / shiny which then guarantees both decent (over 80%) IVs and that it will be lucky. Then they repeat the next day but swap who provides the older mon.
You can also just trade out high CP, low IV mons at the end of the day instead of transferring them but it does cost you dust for each trade. That is what my other half & I do & we’ve gotten some very lucky trades so far.

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Appears I also may have just had an extended period of “non-luckiness”. Since the last post I’ve traded a few more and got 3 more so far (no idea how many trades I’ve done, maybe 30-40 but it doesn’t seem like as many as previously).

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I Love the Luckiness, and also Lady Luck! :grinning:

They’re double Luckies with big IV. Most of the ones I’ve done between the wife and kids accts have been 82% with a useless 12 Attack making them just as much junk as the non Lucky trades.