Lucky Pokémon Challenge

I think this challenge might be impossible, but let’s try out how far we can come😉


  • Someone posts Lucky Bulbasaur or Lucky Ivysaur or Lucky Venusaur, another one posts a Lucky Pokémon from the Charmander family and so on.

  • Post screenshots with Lucky Pokémon in Pokédex order only, anything else will be removed (unless there went something wrong). Please post the pics from the Lucky Pokémon in the storage (like how Bulbasaur & Charmander families are posted), not from the Pokédex.

  • Lucky shinies or Alolans are allowed instead of the normal form.

  • 6 hour rule (the same person is allowed to post the next one after six hours) applies here.

  • Have fun!


Lol this will be so hard considering all of the solo players here. :joy:


We need to wait Long Long for somebody to post a bubulsuar

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I can only help with grimer if you can also post their Alolan form

I can post ralts and slakoth

Anybody have lucky bulbausuar

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I can get one

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I won’t be able to join in until Pidgey… :persevere:

But I can’t join till ralts and slakoth

It’s impossible as I said (before you deleted my post with the best solution) :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It will just cost some time. We just have to wait until somebody has Bulbasaur I think. I’ll try this weekend to get a Lucky Bulbasaur.

I will get this ball rolling… sorry I have evolved them already since I got excited :grin:

I only found this post this moment… Those were traded since trading is in effect.

From 001-003 Bulbasaur family


I killed all my lucky Pokemon by putting them in gyms because they were all crappy.


6 Hour rules already elapse… :grin:

004-006 Charmander family


I changed the rules from every Pokémon to one of each evolution line, so it’s not a problem. :wink:


Thanks! I’ll just insert one if I happen to get another lucky as it is also my goal to have a complete Luckies of each family/evolution.


Here’s the representative of 007-009 Squirtle family

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Are these trades with your daughter

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I think @Jormdeworm should just let me take this as far as I can go in my Pokédex and not stop until I hit a non lucky


Yup… before everything not strong or amazing (Valor) got dump automatically to the prof. Since trading begun and lucky exist, everything is collected, traded and then dump if not amazing, strong is kept if no other kind of that mon is in the inventory. exceptions are the cuties which all got stored no matter how many she got, the like of pikachu, ponyta, jigglies, etc… then I have to buy more storage space, the reason I got into gym because of the coins but immediate needs like incoming CDs will result to app instore purchase :grin:

Bottom line, the Little Boss got what she wants :grin::grin:

Side note: She loves Cyndaquil since she sees it in the TV series and probably due to its color contrast (green with orange spot in the back) but she was not thrilled with the shiny form of it, she says it seems like Cyndaquil get burned :rofl:

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