Lower drop rate on healing potions?

Has anyone else noticed a lower drop rate on healing potions from the Pokestops/Gyms? It seems like it’s changed in the past few days. Not long after Niantic put Full Revives and Full Heals at the top of the shop page.

My research has been asking other trainers that show up for raids. Most say they’ve noticed a difference.


For me the contrary, I get more potions and lesser pokeballs…

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I have actually. Theres a place called kings park where I live, has maybe around 200-300 pokestops roughly around the park so we can drive around and fill up quite quick. Last time i went I got around 500 pokeballs and around 75 potions MAX. its either i’m extremely unlucky or they’ve defiantly decreased it. Because potions are now in the store i can see the company pulling that sort of stunt though so they can get more money. Pretty greedy

I understand that it has to have relation with the shop (the interest in selling), so my experience is contrary to the usual, but still I have the problem to not find balls, and having too much potions.

Definitely a lot less potions, I walked around a large UK city on the weekend and got 30 maximum i must of spun 200 stops.
I just use the free revives from my free raid pass and battle with half power Mons :slight_smile: