Lotad Research day

So. I played about 4.5 hours today, and managed to catch 10 shiny Lotad and 7 (well, actually 8 but that 8th one was caught at 7.59 pm and of course turned to be normal when I checked it right after since it was 8 pm) Castforms. So not too bad of an event. I also caught a 100% IV Lotad. That’s what I like about those RD event, you always get good IV ones, unlike CD.


I’m so glad I finally completed the 5 great curves in a row for Spinda the other night, so I have all spots open for this event.

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I’m wondering how the hell did you get 10 Shiny Lotad. I must have done 60+ Researches and have yet to get my first shiny Lotad.

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Does anyone know where I can find the tasks for the event?

They should be just about everywhere. Spin a Stop to receive and make sure you have empty slots in your Research Tab to receive them.

3 shiny lotad, no shiny castform after probably ~80 catches/checks. Little bit dissapointed about that but oh well. maybe my gotcha catches one in the next 90 minutes. Really like that it runs for this long. started at 17:00 (5 PM) and still plently of time to get what you need.

Sorry I should clarify, I meant online that tells me specificly what the tasks are (ig spin x stops, catch x)

At GOHUBs website ofcourse. Where else?

Thanks! Didn’t realize that they had it posted, been way to busy this week to look online

Well, I did a lot more than 60 research tasks. I played for 4.5 hours, and there was a lot of pokestops to spin, but I did walk a lot.

So i just, in fact, did catch the shiny castform with my gotcha whilst sitting at home watching a movie… GG WP :slight_smile:

That was exactly what I did do, too. Ended up doing like 120 Researches but only got 3 Shiny Lotad.

I completed 3 tasks and got 3 regular Lotads. I still have 3 tasks left to complete in my queue. Got 2 Shiny Castforms though. My son got 3. But no Shiny Lotads yet. He has 2 tasks to complete.

Dupe topic :wink:


How was your special field research day?

But great catches!

Only played for a couple of hours but managed to get these shinies & a normal 100% Lotad.
Overall a lot more enjoyable than the Feebas research day where FOMO kicked in pretty quick as all the other trainers I was with caught multiple Feebas (still don’t have a shiny Feebas yet :joy:)

202 quests on my own account, my GF did 184

got 16 shiny lotad and she got 13. Also another 19 and 27 shiny castform for us.
Insane day with a total of 75 shinies on 2 accounts.

I’m happy to have 1 Lotad shiny and 1 Castform shiny… is that insane as well?

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No, i dont think so

depends on your time invested versus your expections i guess. But honestly: no :wink:

It seems your Shiny rate was way higher than mine if we are speaking about Lotad. I did get 21 Shiny Castform though🤨