Looming in the Shadows Guide

Stage 4 was discovered early!

Update: Stage 3 has been uncovered. It is constant with the data earlier mined. Reddit link

Stage 4 is the part I’ll never come trough. Lol.

Why not?

I already find it hard enough to battle most of those Grunts, spent all my Revives on one Shadow Lapras that took 8 tries and those Leaders appear to be even harder. And than that three times. Good thing you can buy those radars in the Shop though. That might be a good solution.

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Why? I failed not a single rocket since I used my strongest pokemon.

I have to redo most of the Grunts. But that might also be because I have to tap on the Charged Attack button for quite some time before it finally works.

Are you able to use your strongest pokemon?
And do you use your charged attack on the first Pokemon?

  • I usually use Dragonite and Tyranitar. At the moment I’m trying to do many of those ‘Let’s Rock & Roll’ Grunts to get better and more TTars.
  • No, I usually don’t use Charged Attack on the first mon, unless it is obvious my Pokemon is not going to be able to use the Charged Attack on the second. Or at least I’m trying to do so. It happens very often that the Charged Attack button just doesn’t react before my Pokémon dies.
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With these 6 I can beat every rocket with Max 1 loss.
Most of the time I just use the top 3.

And I don’t even look at what I’m facing.

I do not even have Salamence yet in my dex… (nor Raikou) lucky those who played in Aprin’s community day :wink:
Same goes for rock Tyranitar - hopefully I will got one in Decemvber…
I am using more common pokes - like Aggron, Machamp, Golem - and normal battles are not a problem.
But I agree - team leaders are hard… much harder than our team leaders in training.
I did 3xSierrra and 2xArlo so far - and it costed me quite a lot. So I came back here to prepare - knowing your opponent seems like the key :slight_smile:

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Which shop is that?

Yeah, I also haven’t noticed before… 200 coins - full radar - no need to find 6 components…

I had 6 components on 2nd day of event

I got 30+ today… 5 leaders… and I am running out of potions…

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:thinking: they removed it from the shop, apparently.

Not sure why you’d buy it when you have to fight Team Rocket for quest anyway. I’ve done more Team Rocket battles in last 3 days, then the whole time it’s been out.

I’m on stage 2, would stay there for a while because I am picky on purifying what shadow Pokémon

5 days is a min anyway… I just purify the cheapest now…

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Same. For once, I’m hyped to get Zubat Rocket Grunt encounters. lol

There are videos on reddit of the leaders being defeated by great league teams (1500 cp max).
Its all about using the right counters.

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