Looking for a player in Holland that had and is willing to trade a Heracross!

LF regional pokemons, willing to make it worth you while! Dutch players please since i live in enschede

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@Darthreaver I live in Rijswijk,(next to Den Haag/The Hague) and i may know some people who have one for you

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that would be great my grandma lives there so i should be able to get there without problems! let me know who to add so we can become ultra friends forst cause of dust and all


Probably some German players are closer then many Dutch players if you live in Enschede. :wink:

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I think thats true but i dont mind traveling at all:) plus i enjoy playing in new city’s.:slight_smile:

I live next to Rotterdam btw, but I have 1 Heracross which you won’t get, sorry. It’s a 96% L40 one, which probably explains why I don’t wanna trade it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do understand, i wouldn’t trade it either then

Found a person! But that person is back in august.

I am sending you the friend code