Long Live The Event!

Before today i had no feebas


Well now you have two! Nice one! Trying hard myself to get the 100 candy. They are so rare, as spawns and egg hatches, so it really helps rural players. For once, niantic actually helped rurals!

(Im not in my normal plsy area now, im now in a half rural place)


Before today I had 9 and missed 4/5 because I was busy.

Reached it by now. Exactly 100 Candy. The problem is: Now i need to walk 20 kilometers… :grimacing:

And lol I’m also rural😂

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I want that Stadust🤔

Got a 99% Feebas yet😁

My son has a Militoc already but I just got my second Feebas yesterday. Got 2 more today. I might have enough to start walking by the end of the event.

I’m looking forward to getting a second Milotic during this event. My first one with Dragon Tail and Blizzard has been a surprisingly good counter against dragon types and one of the few that don’t take super effective damage back from opponents dragon moves.

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