Lol Im posting but no one is online as nearly everyone is in the netherlands

Oh well. Talk to you guys tommorow!:wink:

I’m not in Netherlands. (Although I kind of wish I was), but I’m in U.S.

All good, hi @bobbyjack8 .You in California? Also changed tital for you…

Nope. I’m in West by God Virginia, and I just got my kids to go to sleep. You should know where I am. We are good friends and all. Our gifts should actually help you get Pilot Badge when you trade hatched to someone.

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Well I try not to stalk people when I look at gift’s names. Also I have 30 friends. But cool, that’s a great state!:blush:

Hi, in US too.

Lol only USA people are posting… because they are all sleeping…:sleeping_bed::waxing_crescent_moon::waxing_crescent_moon::waxing_crescent_moon:


Curious why you wish you were?

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I wasn’t. Just wasn’t on here jet. Was just getting ready for work. :crazy_face:

Do you really think everybody comes from the Netherlands😂
I guess a lot of people are from Europe and it’s now early in the morning here


9:00am atm. (7:00am UTC). We are in UTC+2 at this moment. Although Microsoft tells the Dutch we are in UTC 1+. but that is wintertime. We are now in CEST (Central Europe Summer Time) and that is UTC 2+. :stuck_out_tongue: #nerd

Lol 3am is quite early. I’m scottish but we are nearby the netherlands. I’ in GMT/BST


Just an hour earlier than over here. :slight_smile:

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