Login problems on one phone

since yesterday i can’t login on my mobile phone (iPhone 6s, iOS 11) with my PTC account. Other PTC accounts can’t login as well. Error message is “authentification failed” (or similar, i’m playin in german language). The message appears already one second after pushing the login button.

I created a new account via gmail login, this works well on that phone.
The same accounts works on other phones without any trouble.

Niantic support writes that i should delete the app and re-install it and i should delete the browser cache of the safari. Both done without any change.

Does anybody have an idea what to do?

Thx a lot!

Its known for PTC accounts to dont work correctly

further informations:
It seems to be that there is no online connection to the ptc server. If i active the flight mode the message stays same.
On my other phone the message is another one.
Maybe there is some local caching as the reason for the problem. Any ideaß

There is no ptc login problem in general at the moment.

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Switch off the app, find a wifi connection, log in to your PTC account while on wifi, after succesfully logging in, switch to your mobile connection. At least, that works for me :neutral_face: