Login failures still

Still problems logging in. Persistence show that after 2-3 HUNDRED attempts you may get into the app. This is absurd. A serious problem such as this and after a month IT’S STILL HAPPENING?? You expect us to donate money into the game when we can’t play it???

Honestly we’re not Niantic.

No one else has problems ar you banned

No. I can eventually get in…after a few hundred attempts.

What error message do you get? Can you make a screenshot of it?

I’m using PTC and I have had some login failures for a while. You can just sign out, then sign back in, and you’re in the game. It doesn’t have to require hundreds of attempts.

Are you using an iPhone with iOS 9 or iOS 10? If you are, there have been login problems with users running those versions. If you upgrade to iOS11, it should fix the login issues. We had a local here with that problem. I suggested upgrading as they were using iOS 9 and it fixed the problem.

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I have the same log in faliures to @darksylveon1 knows how to stop it though.

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DD808 has beat me to it. After the previous to current PoGo update I started having issues and also noticed all the link to functions in PoGo settings had vanished.
Updating to iOS11 resolved the problem.

Any this I’ve notice with being a PTC login is after loging into the Wifes Google account on my phone to put a couple of $ on her acct is it wont auto login back to my PTC account. Shutting down app and restarting fixes that.

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I can’t log in now to other accounts from same device. Told my kids they are on their own spinning Pokestops and battling gyms.

I can still

FIXED…Updated to IOS11 and the problem is fixed. Logins work…but…
to update I had to update the iTunes on my computer to version 11.
Version 11 of iTunes removed the ability to manage apps and iPhone screen layout from my computer.

I went to Apple support and logged a support entry asking why they had removed functionality and if it would be re-introduced in the future…so they deleted my post saying it was not contructive…

My next phone will be an Android.

I haven’t tried yet, but can you switch back to multiple accounts? Would be nice for my daughter who can’t play until she gets her own device.

Yes it works

You can look here for the failures:http://downdetector.com/status/pokemon-go

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