Logging in issues!

Hi guys, I need help.
I went to log into my account this morning and it says “ unable to authenticate “ but I have an old account for Pokemon go and I can log into that account fine through google, but my current account I’m using is done through the Pokemon trainer club, I’ve tried everything from deleting the app and reinstalling it, tried logging in on WiFi and 3G/4G but I just cannot get back onto my account, any help would be massively appreciated!!

It wouldn’t let me log on either; I think the game is experiencing difficulties. I’m not sure, but that’s what i think is happening.

The scanner site i’m using just reported that PTC accounts worldwide have trouble logging in.
So this is not you, it’s Niantic.

But it’s letting me log into my old account which I don’t understand, I hope it’s technical issues and I can log back in soon! Cheers guys!

Having said that I’ve just googled it and the Pokemon trainer club seems to be the issue, it’s completely down at the minute! Just thought I’d update you guys if your using the trainer club as well :+1:t3:

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PTC Login issues are real. But around 16:00 UTC they were solved

Yep, the same old issue of PTC login errors happened to me last night around 11pm while doing some Dust Farming on Lures. Logged out of one of the Wifes Google account into the Daughters PTC account to get the catch and spin streak before the day ended and the dreaded authentication error kept coming up for 30mins than I gave up so streak is over. Lucky I it wasn’t due for 7 day.

My own account is a PTC and that kept playing for around an hour before it crashed out and the same error kept coming up so that was it for the night. I had about 10min left on Lucky Egg and Lures before I was going to call it a night. If I was the start of a planned day of playing I would no happy.