Links and Fields for Gyms

I have an idea for a new feature for gyms: Links and Fields. Basically, Links are connections between Gyms of the same color, and Fields are multiple Links. In Ingress, you have to have a Portal Key to link Portals,and you have to have all of the 8 spots for resonators ( the things that align a Portal to a team) and you have to be in range of the portal. Also there is an item that extends how long the link can be. In Pokémon Go you would have to have all 6 Pokemon on the gym and there would be an item to link portals.

Or you could just play Ingress instead and become level 10 and help your community by placing portals.
Honestly, if you want to play something like Ingress… just play Ingress. This has no connection to Pokemon whatsoever.

No, thank you. I play Ingress, and know from experience how those fields can TOTALLY mess up the game for other players. Living beneath a 50 square mile field of any team, be it the opposing team or your own, basically makes you unable to do anything useful, no matter the amount of portals beneath that field, they’re all useless. It’s probably the biggest shortcoming of Ingress: whoever has the opportunity to travel furthest, wins.

It’s not possible to weaken enemy fields by controlling portals of opposing color beneath it, it’s not possible to punch holes in enemy fields by creating smaller fields of opposing color beneath it. Even starting an account in an area covered by one of these massive fields (and there are many of those worldwide!) is pointless.